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  • IE Assist  351)   IE Assist
    When filling form, you need a software like this: never slow IE or OS, no install, no registry, no add-in (BHO), no spam, full unicode support, easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing UI as cool as F16 warplanes' HUD, it's IE Assist!

  • Web Touch  352)   Web Touch 1.0.0
    Application named "WEB Touch" currently supports 3 popular online services such as Youtube, Flickr and Picasa to work with video or photos; you can navigate desired content by simple clicking and dragging.

  • Best Moisturizer  353)   Best Moisturizer 1.0
    Best Moisturizer toolbar for Internet Explorer. Easily find resources and product related to skin moisturizers.

  • Shaadi Dating  354)   Shaadi Dating 1.0
    Dating site toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find shaadi dating blogs and forums. Search for indian dating.Join the largest Asian dating and Social Network. Search for free amongst profiles. Features include chat, email and local area search.

  • KidSplorer  355)   KidSplorer 3.6.0
    KidSplorer is a web browser that allows your kids to safely browse the internet unsupervised. Only KidSafe web sites can be browsed, all other sites are automatically blocked. Limit computer use with schedules, prevent access to other programs.

  •  356) 2.07 blocks Internet Explorer popup windows. A small, effective, and smart anti-popup software product than can kill annoying pop-up windows without your intervention. Unlike other pop up blockers only runs when you browse the web.

  • Proximat VoyagerPlus  357)   Proximat VoyagerPlus 1.20
    Proximat VoyagerPlus is the most exciting and fun way to browse the Internet and work with your Microsoft Office Documents.

  • Obama T-Shirts  358)   Obama T-Shirts 1.0
    Obama T Shirts, Follow the words of Barack Obama Transforming lives through the power of Obama T Shirts All men are not born to rise to such great heights. But every man is gifted with the oppurtunity of doing something for

  • ID Secure Browser  359)   ID Secure Browser 1.2
    ID Secure Browser is an application that protects your privacy when it comes to web surfing. Your internet history can be easily accessed by unwanted persons, and this is where our application takes charge.

  • Polstergeist  360)   Polstergeist 7.0
    High performance parallel research browser / data extractor. Create custom xml feeds from almost any website. Submit data extraction requests interactively or through an external program; uses a very simple programming interface.

  • IEBMaker  361)   IEBMaker 1.21
    IEBMaker creates Internet Explorer bars. The software generates a small executable file that you can distribute to your customers. With this executable, your customers can install or uninstall your IE bar onto their systems with ease.

  • WebSlower  362)   WebSlower 2.0.2
    WebSlower allows you to test local (or remote) website simulating different speed connections. It's very useful to test Flash preloads and audio/video streaming and performances. It allows also analyzing request and response headers and executing custom HTTP requests.

  • Sothink Flash Downloader for Firefox  364)   Sothink Flash Downloader for Firefox 1.10
    This Flash Downloader is a free Firefox extension which provides the smart function of online Flash save and Flash download. Easily save rich SWF format media from Firefox (support Firefox 10.x). One-click Flash download without copying & pasting URL

  • FRS Time Tracker Pro  365)   FRS Time Tracker Pro 1.4
    FRS Time Tracker Pro is an easy to use utility to assist business, teachers, students, and parents in tracking the amount of time spent on various projects and activities.

  • SurfGem  366)   SurfGem 3.1
    Powerful URLs bookmark manager with a fully featured multi-tabbed browser. Not dependent on any web browser to store URL bookmarks. It's an independent application that you can use with almost any web browser side by side.

  • Dark Seagreen Google Chrome Theme  367)   Dark Seagreen Google Chrome Theme 1.00
    If you're not happy with the default skin of Google Chrome, you can download alternative theme files. Here's a Dark Seagreen Google Chrome Theme, you can free download it to enhance your Chrome Browser.

  • Smart Popup Blocker  368)   Smart Popup Blocker
    Smart Popup Blocker can block annoying unsolicited pop-up windows before they open.

  • Surfpack  369)   Surfpack 2.0.135
    View your RSS and Atom feeds, bookmarks, search engines and weather as a customizable start page.

  • BufferZone Security for P2P File Sharing  370)   BufferZone Security for P2P File Sharing 2.10-37
    Browse anywhere and download anything in a virtual zone that protects your PC from known spyware, adware, and viruses --even new and yet unknown ones, downloaded via Internet Explorer.

  • free_xsite_pro_instructions  371)   free_xsite_pro_instructions 1
    Free xsite pro instruction helper video finder ,for firefox, for you to download and use as you wish .Sell or give away as promotions , add to your site as freebies. Though you may not repackage and distribute to software directories as your own.

  • Easy IE Translator  372)   Easy IE Translator 2.3.5
    Translate Web pages with a single click! Sarmsoft IE Translator empowers your Web browser with a translation toolbar that enables you to browse Web sites in foreign languages without speaking a word.

  • History Search  373)   History Search 1.10
    eTopping History Search is a local search engine, it searches in the content of recently visited sites.

  • Motivational Speakers  374)   Motivational Speakers 1.0
    Motivational Speaker Toolbar for Internet Explorer. Visit for all the latest on the best motivational speakers around!

  • Moschino Vernice Luce A7407 Shoulder Bag  375)   Moschino Vernice Luce A7407 Shoulder Bag 1.0
    Moschino Vernice Luce A7407 Shoulder Bag –Get it a Discount Buy at Free Overnight Shipping & Return Shipping. Best prize on the Moschino Vernice Luce A7407 Shoulder Bag and other Moschino Products

  • ID AntiPopup  376)   ID AntiPopup 1.2
    ID AntiPopup is a top quality blocking program of all troublesome popup windows, providing comfortable, safer and easier Internet navigation.

  • Burn Fat Feed Muscle  377)   Burn Fat Feed Muscle 1.0
    Burn Fat Feed Muscle toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find the latest weight loss information to help you lose waist fat. Stay updated with the latest weight loss information.

  • ID AntiPhishing  378)   ID AntiPhishing 1.2
    ID AntiPhishing is a top quality anti-scam application, preventing unauthorized popup windows from running and interfering with your computer operations.

  • Waterless Cookware  379)   Waterless Cookware 1.0
    Waterless Cookware toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find waterless cookware, waterless cooking techniques, and healthy waterless cooking recipes. Easily find access to stainless steel stockpots, skillets, flatware, and other gourmet accessories.

  • Deep Skyblue Google Chrome Theme  380)   Deep Skyblue Google Chrome Theme 1.00
    If you're not happy with the default skin of Google Chrome, you can download alternative theme files. Here's a Deep Skyblue Google Chrome Theme, you can free download it to enhance your Chrome Browser.

  • How Do I Get My Ex Boyfriend Back  381)   How Do I Get My Ex Boyfriend Back 1.0
    How Do I Get My Ex Boyfriend Back toolbar forInternet Explorer. Find Tips on Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back, as well as "Magic of Making Up review"

  • sales manager careers.exe  382)   sales manager careers.exe 1.0firefoxedi
    sales manager careers toolbar, money making opportunities tool bar Best Management Position 2009 for team members in life path pro( lifepath ) team environment. Very useful in home based internet marketing business. firefox edition

  • Chrome Privacy Protector  383)   Chrome Privacy Protector 1.10
    Google Chrome is using a client_id variable which is unique for every Chrome user. Chrome Privacy Protector is a FREE tool that developted by, it automatically deletes the unique Client ID before each run of Google Chrome.

  • IE WebDeveloper  384)   IE WebDeveloper 2.3.1
    IE WebDeveloper is an IE add-on. The rich web debugging toolset allows you to inspect and edit the live HTML DOM and CSS style, evaluate expressions and display error messages, explore source code of webpage and monitor DHTML Event and HTTP Traffic

  • Proximat Voyager  385)   Proximat Voyager 1.20
    Proximat Voyager is the most exciting and fun way to browse the Internet. If you''ve never used a Tabbed Browser before, you''ll soon find that using a tabbed browser allows you to surf, search and work many times faster than a single window browser.

  • Landscaping Rock  386)   Landscaping Rock 1.0
    Internet Explorer Toolbar - Free Download - Full featured Internet Explorer Toolbar with our compliments from - landscaping rock

  • History Clean  387)   History Clean 3.0
    History Clean lets you clear history of major browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari and all traces left by your computer and recently run documents automatically with a single click.

  • Top 10 Google Ranking  388)   Top 10 Google Ranking 1.01
    Top 10 Google Ranking Toolbar. This is for your browser. It contains a radio station. You can use it to achieve top 10 Google rankings. More at

  • Custom Stained Glass  389)   Custom Stained Glass 1.0
    Custom Stained Glass toolbar for IE and Firefox designed with stained glass lovers in mind. Stained Glass is an important part of architechtural art, with many historical points of interest.

  • Search Engine Optimization  390)   Search Engine Optimization 1.0
    Search Engine Optimization toolbar for Safari. Find Search Engine Optimization (SEO) blogs, RSS feeds, and other optimization resources.

  • sight glass  391)   sight glass 4.36
    Sight glass toolbar for doing great searches on the internet. See the TV channels you want, listen to radio stations you like, get your area weather, all with this great toolbar.

  • Leg Warmers Buy  394)   Leg Warmers Buy 1.0
    Leg Warmers Buy toolbar for Internet Explorer. Leg Warmers Buy are fun, stylish, comfortable for dancers and for hip, everyday wear. We have the best leg warmers on the net. Get the latest news and cheapest prices from your toolbar.

  • Screen Capture Elite  395)   Screen Capture Elite
    Screen Capture Elite lets you save or copy complete, visible or regions of any webpage as either a jpeg or png image file. To use Screen Capture Elite all you need to do is left click the camera icon in the status bar once for the default action.

  • iMacros for Chrome  397)   iMacros for Chrome
    iMacros relieves the repetition of checking on the same sites every day, remembering passwords and filling out web forms or web scraping. Web professionals can use the software for functional testing and regression web testing of web applications.

  • TrayOS  398)   TrayOS 0.3.10
    TrayOS is the perfect solution for those who frequently use Google's applications and want to have quick and easy access to them. Using this program gives you similar features to using ChromeOS, only it works within the Windows environment.

  •  399) 1.0
    Toolbar Google Chrome, Mozzilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Domains Name Register Web Hosting, Server VPS

  • Comodo IceDragon  400)   Comodo IceDragon
    The Web is what you make of it, with the most secure and versatile Internet browser! Comodo IceDragon - Fast, Reliable, Easy to Use, Superior Security and Privacy, Social Friendly and also FREE!

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